MMR vaccine helps reduce birth defects, similar to Polio vaccine where most of the world is now polio-free because of serious efforts on Polio Vaccination, globally. However MMR vaccination is yet to reach to millions of people, especially in the developing and poor countries for several reasons. This project will collect data for selected countries in terms of Govt policy, budget allocation, vaccination levels for MMR, adoption by communities for MMR vaccine, opportunity to reduce population of children born with defects due to virus such as Rubella. This research will have reference data of the US in terms of reduction of birth defects in specific type of disability since 1970 to 2019 as US is a developed country and MMR vaccine is "Highly Recommended" in the US. This is a 1 year long project and can be divided into several milestones where every batch of research interns can feed to next stage of research to complete this global research as related to healthcare, disability and related economics and govt. policy around MMR vaccination.

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Fall 2020
Social Sciences