New in Fall 2020

The following courses will now be offered under the DATA course designation: 

  • CompSci / Data / Info / Stat C8 - Foundations of Data Science

  • CompSci / Data / Stat C100 - Principles and Techniques of Data Science*

  • Data / Stat C102 - Data, Inference, and Decisions*

  • Data C104 / History C184D / STS C104 - Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

Fall 2020 Enrollment FAQs

For the most current enrollment updates, check the class notes on the Schedule of Classes and view our Fall 2020 Enrollment FAQs.

  • For questions about enrolling in Data courses, please contact us at
  • For questions about enrolling in other courses, please contact the department that manages the course (for example: for IND ENG 135, please contact IEOR; for COMPSCI 61B, please contact EECS).

How to Enroll in DATA Classes in Fall 2020:

All seats will be offered under the DATA course offering. No seats will be available under CompSci, Stat, Info, History or STS. When enrolling in your Fall 2020 classes, look for these courses under DATA (Data Science, Undergraduate). Note that DATA is not the same as DATASCI, which is used for graduate courses in the School of Information.

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