The global PV market experienced consistent growth in the last decades that can well be called unparalleled. Since 1992 it is achieving an average annual growth rate above 30%!

We are at the brink of the third generation of c-Si PV technologies. There are fundamentally two third-generation technologies available, called TOPCON, because of the ultrathin tunneling oxide backside, and heterojunction, HjT, based on doped amorphous Si on both sides of the wafer. These technologies hold promise to increase solar energy conversion efficiencies towards 27%.

Beyond this, fourth-generation Si PV technologies will be needed, employing tandem structures with different band gaps, such as Perovskite/Si or compound semiconductor/Si tandems. This decade will show which will be the winning technologies in the global multi-Terawatt market that we will experience at the end of this decade!

We will discuss the current and emerging PV technology generations, and the growing markets for PV cells and modules. [click for details]

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3108 Etcheverry Hall
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