Implementation Guide for Partners

UC Berkeley welcomes inquiries about how to design and implement a broad-based data science program. Below please find resources for further exploration into our undergraduate data science curriculum.

Workshop on Undergraduate Data Science Pedagogy & Practice July 16 - 19th, 2018

Meet with over 35 faculty from around the country to learn about the Berkeley Data Science Curriculum and share notes. 


Our website at provides a wealth information about our program, including a curriculum overview, list of courses offered, news, and more. Our original design document may be helpful if you are developing your own program. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Foundations of Data Science (Data 8)

  • Zero to Data GuideComprehensive guide to how to deploy a Data 8 like course into your institution. 

Connector Courses

For more information about the Connector Courses in many fields that “connect” to Data 8, please visit our list of all connectors that have been offered. Connectors are taught by instructors from many different domains with varying degrees of data science experience. Individual instructors may be willing to answer questions about their courses if you contact them individually.

Jupyter Hub

JupyterHub is a tool that allows Berkeley’s data science program to quickly utilize cloud computing infrastructure to manage a hub that enables users to interact remotely with a specific computing environment. JupyterHub offers a useful way to standardize the computing environment of a group of people (e.g., for a class of students), as well as allowing people to access the hub remotely.

To learn about creating a JupyterHub, please review this documentation:

Thank you for your interest in the Berkeley Data Science curriculum!

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