Data Science Academic Resource Kit


The Data Science Academic Resource Kit is a guide to orient Berkeley instructors on the resources and services for developing data science courses. The kit builds on the successes of the Division of Data Sciences module and connector courses and spans introductory workshops to content development.  The Data Science Academic Resource Kit is a collaboration between the Division of Data Science, DLab, BIDS Education Training Working Group

Curriculum Pathways

Each instructors has unique goals whether it is exploring the possibilities in data science for the first time to creating an upper division course that utilizes data science methods. To support this diversity, we provide three curriculum development options that vary by time commitment and skill set. 


Data-enabled Course

Departmental upper division courses

Education Resources Kit Overview

Instructor Training Resources 

Instructors who have interest in creating data sciences course content can utilize these training opportunities. 

Faculty Pedagogy Course

3 day data science workshop for faculty instructors interested in creating new data science courses. Currently only offered during the summer session.

D-Lab Workshops

D-Lab provides a variety of free workshop trainings for those interested in learning Python, R, Stata, Excel, Geospatial Mapping, Qualitative Methods, etc. These are good places to start familiarizing yourself with how data workshop series are organized, developed, and taught. 

Instructional Content Development 

Modules Development Team 

Teams of graduate and undergraduate students have already successfully implemented a variety of data courses in departments across campus. These courses range from semester-long courses to single class sessions and everything in between.

Infrastructure & Teaching Support 


Resource guide to setup your own cloud computing environment.

Connector Instructor Guide

Guide for data science Instructors.

Data Science Nexus

Data Peer Consulting services and workshop space at Moffitt


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