Data Scholars

Photo depicts participants of Fall 2017 Data Scholars program, program coordinator Mariah Rogers, and guest speaker Orville Jackson from College Futures Foundation.

Data Scholars addresses issues of underrepresentation in the data science community by establishing a community that is welcoming, educational, and empowering for underrepresented and nontraditional students. Launched in Fall 2016, it is especially suited for students who can bring diverse and positive contributions to the field of Data Science. The program offers specialized tutoring, advising, and workshops.

Program Offerings

(1) Data 8 Section and Foundations Seminar

For students planning to enroll or currently in Data 8: a specialized Data 8 lab section will be offered. In addition, students will also enroll in a Foundations Seminar (1 unit) with guest speakers who will provide advice for succeeding in data science. Students will have access to special office hours for advising and help.

(2) Data Science Pathways Seminar

For students who have already completed Data 8, this seminar supports long-term discovery experiences and career orientation. It will feature guest speakers from industry and special workshops on cutting-edge data science tools. This seminar will meet once a week for 90 minutes.  

(3) Data Science Discovery Seminar

For students in Data 100 or equivalent skill level, this seminar supports students who are matched with cutting edge research projects from the Data Science Discovery Program. 


Will you be taking Data 8 in Spring 2019? If so, you're eligible to apply to join Data Scholars!

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Please contact Mariah Rogers ( with any questions!

Why Join Data Scholars

Join a vibrant data science community!

  • Support: Skill-building workshops, tutoring and homework help
  • Community: Social events and talks that emphasize diversity in data sciences
  • Mentorship: Mentoring with graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and alumni 

Join us!

Apply now for Spring 2019 participation!

For any questions or concerns, contact:

Mariah Rogers - Program Coordinator



Karen Chapple, Associate Dean, Division of Data Sciences

Claudia von Vacano, Executive Director of D-Lab and Digital Humanities

Ani Adhikari, Professor, Statistics