Data Peer Consulting

Are you a Berkeley student looking for a little help with data science?

  • Not sure how to use a Jupyter notebook?
  • Need to learn a little SQL for a research project?
  • Need help with a data science module in one of your courses? 

Data Peer Consulting can help!

Students in our data consulting network help make data science accessible across the broader campus community. Launched in Fall 2017, these services are provided as a collaboration between the Center for Connected Learning in UC Berkeley's Moffitt Library; D-Lab; and the Division.

Spring 2019 Drop-In Schedule 

Peer Consulting is not available during Summer 2019. An updated Fall 2019 schedule will be posted at the start of the semester.

  • Please note that Peer Consultants will arrive at Berkeley Time. If you're not able to make any drop-in hours, please feel free to email us at with appointment inquiries. 

Meet the Peer Consultants:


Hours: Tues 12-2pm, Friday 1-2pm  
Expertise in Languages/Technologies: Python (pandas, matplotlib, seaborne, numpy, scipy, BeautifulSoup, D3.js, Charts.js, scikit-learn, NLTK, OpenCV), R (ggplot2), SQL, Java, C, Front End, iPython Jupyter notebooks
Expertise in Fundamentals: Probability, Data Cleaning and Manipulation, Machine Learning, Linear Algebra, Webscraping, Databases, Calculus, Open Source Project Development

Hi! I'm Jahnavi, and I am a senior majoring in Computer Science and Data Science. I love exploring how technology can be applied to make our lives so much easier, especially in healthcare, and I hope to help you navigate that process as well :) In my free time, I love to dance, run, hike, and satisfy my inner foodie. Stop by if you have any questions regarding technical consulting, research opportunities, interview preparation, or just want to chat!

JohnJohn Park

Preferred Pronouns: He, Him, His
Major(s) and Minor(s): Computer Science, Economics 
Major Courses Completed: CS 61A-C, CS70, Data 8, STAT 20, CS 161, CS 186, CS 188
Current Courses: CS 170

Hours: Tues 1-2pm, Thurs 1-3pm 
Expertise in Languages/Technologies: Python (pandas, matplotlib, datascience, BeautifulSoup), R (ggplot2), SQL, Java, C, Front End, iPython Jupyter notebooks, LaTex, Git
Expertise in Fundamentals: Statistical Testing (Hypothesis Testing, A/B Testing, T-Tests), Probability, Data Cleaning and Manipulation, Machine Learning, Webscraping, Databases

Hi! I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science and Economics. My interests in data science include creating classifier models and natural language processing. In my free time, I enjoy playing the cello and engaging in my hobby of the month (currently candle-making!)


Preferred Pronouns: 
Major(s) and Minor(s): 
Major Courses Completed:
Current Courses: 

Hours: Currently not doing drop-ins. 
Expertise in Languages/Technologies: Python (matplotlib, numpy, datascience), SQL, iPython Jupyter Notebooks, LaTex
Expertise in Fundamentals: 

I'm a 4th year majoring in Statistics & Cognitive Science, minoring in Education. I have been doing and teaching Data Science for over 2 years. I assisted most students with Data Visualization during Fall 2018. Currently, I'm interested in Learning Analytics/Learning Science.

Bharadwaj (Barry)

Hours: Tues 3-5pm
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python (datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas), STATA, jupyter notebooks, Excel, HTML, CSS, Photoshop

I'm an international student from Qatar. In my free time I play chess and post memes on UCBMFET. Always down to talk about Data Science, YouTube or memes :).

CarlosCarlos Ortega

Hours: Mon 10am-12pm
Expertise: Calculus, Data Structures, Python (datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas), Java, SQL, jupyter notebooks, Excel, Photoshop

Carlos is a Third-Year student studying Data Science with a domain emphasis in Cognition. He loves working with data, from the nitty-gritty cleaning to creating prediction models. In addition to data, he also enjoys software development and tries to program as much as he can during his free time.
KunalKunal Gupta

Hours: Mon 3-4pm, Tues 1-2pm
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Python (datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, scikit-learn), Java, Probability, SQL, jupyter notebooks, Excel, C, Oracle DB

Hi! I am a third year undergraduate majoring in Data Science with a minor in Computer Science. I love working with data analytics tools and visualizations, as well as machine learning and algorithms. I have lived in 4 countries and enjoy playing sports, traveling, and hanging out with friends in my free time.


Hours: Mon 1-2pm, Thurs 3-4pm
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python (datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn), Java, SQL, jupyter notebooks

Hello! I am a first-year student studying Computer Science and Data Science. I am excited to help anyone learn more about Data Science and how to utilize it in their classes. Outside the Division of Data Science, I am also involved in EnableTech and the EECS department as an Academic Intern.

EdwardEdward Sun

Hours: Weds 2-3pm, Thurs 2-3pm
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python (matplotlib, pandas, seaborn), Java, Probability, R, SQL, MATLAB, jupyter notebooks, Excel

Hi! I'm a third year Data Science major and Chemical Engineering minor from Cupertino, CA. In my free time, I enjoy baking, chess, and good coffee.

YounghanTom Lim

Hours: Friday 2-4pm
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python, Tableau, Excel, Photoshop, Lightroom

Hi! I’m Younghan and I am a junior studying Data Science and Computer Science. As I got to know about the field, I was amazed by the potential data science had, especially in big data with business and thought it would make a synergy if consulting and data science were combined. In my free time, I enjoy taking photography, making personal art works and watching films/anime. If you need any help or consulting on your work, feel free to stop by!



Location: 3rd Floor Moffitt Library


All Data Peer Consultants take the Division of Data Sciences Teaching & Consulting CS 197 course that runs every semester. Data Peer Consultants also complete select D-Lab workshop trainings


  • Peer consultants are not available during the Summer. 
  • All Peer Consultants hold drop-in hours, which are located on the third floor of Moffitt Library.
  • Peer Consultants can also consult on an appointment basis if you're not able to make their drop-in hours. Email us at sends e-mail) with appointment inquiries. 
  • Please scroll down to meet the Peer Consultants and to view the calendar with their hours. You can click on a student's name on the calendar to read about which topics that student consultant can help you with!
  • If you have a question or topic that you would like to get help on that you believe would require a Peer Consultants's preparation in advance prior to you dropping in, please send us an email at sends e-mail)