Data 8X

Data 8X: Foundations of Data Science now on edX

DATA 8X: Foundations of Data Science

UC Berkeley and edX just announced that the extremely popular Berkeley course Data8: Foundations of Data Science(link is external) will be available online this Spring as a Foundations of Data Science Professional Certificate Program(link is external).

This program broadens the university’s public mission by helping anyone, anywhere think critically about data in the world, draw conclusions, and interpret and communicate results.  It develops ways in which Computer Science and Statistics have merged to provide data-driven methods integrated with domain knowledge to answer a broad range of questions and drive decision making. Students analyze a diverse array of real data sets, including economic data, geographic data, and social networks.  

No prior statistics, computer science, or programming experience is expected.  Participants will learn to program in Python 3 using industry standard data science libraries such as Numpy. All the computational analysis is done seamlessly in the cloud.  The student needs only a browser and a desire to better understand the world through data.  The program aims to make data science truly accessible to everyone.

The program is a sequence of three 5-week courses:

All of these are taught by Berkeley’s award-winning faculty, Ani Adhikari(link is external)John Denero(link is external), and David Wagner.  Enjoy their video introduction to the program(link is external).