Data 8X

Data 8X: Foundations of Data Science now on edX

DATA 8X: Foundations of Data Science

You’ll learn to program when studying data science — but not for the purpose of building apps or games. Instead, we use programming to understand the world around us.
Professor John Denero

UC Berkeley and edX just opened online enrollment for Data 8: Foundations of Data Science, which will be available digitally this January as a three-part Foundations of Data Science Professional Certificate Program. The program starts on January 22nd, 2019 and students can join throughout the semester. After a successful pilot launch last Spring, enrolling over 75,000 students, the Division of Data Sciences is excited to release Data 8X self-paced, meaning students can work through course material according to their own schedule.

The three online courses, listed sequentially under the Foundations of Data Science umbrella, follow closely along with Data 8, a popular course at UC Berkeley which enrolls students from over 60 majors and assumes no prior programming experience. Because the principles of interpreting and modeling data apply broadly to a diverse array of industries, many students who choose to enroll come from a non-computer science background or career. Students in both the in-person and online offerings are provided with their own Jupyter notebook to start coding; no messy installations are necessary.

Data 8X covers everything from testing hypotheses, applying statistical inferences, visualizing distributions and drawing conclusions— all while coding in Python and using real-world data sets.  One lesson might take economic data from different countries over the years to track global economic growth. The next might use a data set of cell samples to create a classification algorithm that can diagnose breast cancer.  These real-world explorations into data science make advanced statistics and computer science concepts intuitive and applicable to everyone.

“You’ll learn to program when studying data science — but not for the purpose of building apps or games,” Professor John Denero said.  “Instead, we use programming to understand the world around us.”

 All of these are taught by Berkeley’s award-winning faculty, Ani Adhikari(link is external)John Denero(link is external), and David Wagner.  Enjoy their video introduction to the program from Spring 2018(link is external).