About Us

The Data Science Discovery Consultants (formerly Data Peer Consultants) are a team of current undergraduate students who will provide technical help to the students engaged in discovery with anything data-related. Data Science Discovery Consultants are trained with skills including but not limited to: research pedagogy, code error debugging, software set-up, data analysis, machine learning, and cloud computing.

Students in our data consulting network also help make data science accessible across the broader campus community.

Launched in Fall 2017, these services are provided as a collaboration between:

Starting in Fall 2019, this project has also been brought to you by the Student Tech Fund


Data Peer Consulting FAQ

We're available to help you via appointment consultations. If you would like to set up an appointment, please fill out this intake form so that we can learn more about what you need help with.

Yes. If you have a question or topic that you would like to get help on that you believe would require a Peer Consultant's preparation in advance prior to you dropping in, please submit an intake form or send us an email at ds-peer-consulting@berkeley.edu with any other inquiries.

All Data Peer Consultants receive training on consulting best practices, triage processes, and more (in collaboration with our partners at the D-Lab, Research IT, and UC Berkeley Library) at the beginning of each semester. All Data Peer Consultants in their first semester participate in the DATA 198 Data Science Instructional Support Seminar course that runs every Fall & Spring. Data Peer Consultants also receive mentorship throughout the semester from our partners' graduate consultants and staff consultants.

Undergraduate UC Berkeley students apply through an application and must go through an interview process. We accept applications to join the team every semester, please check the Data Science Education Program's Student Opportunities Page to learn more.

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Help to support the Program

Berkeley offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including master's programs, PhD programs with data science emphases and training.