Human Contexts and Ethics

HCE student team

The HCE student team.

Human contexts and ethics (HCE) courses invest students with an understanding of the human and social structures, formations, and practices that shape data science activities, such as:

  • data collection and analysis,
  • data stewardship and governance,
  • data privacy and security,
  • data deployment in societal or organizational settings,
  • decision-making with data,
  • data use in justice contexts, and
  • data ethics practices.

HCE courses provide students access to structured forms of academic inquiry in the humanities, social sciences, or related professional fields and engage them in some form of reflective inquiry, writing, analysis, project work, or practice that surfaces questions of individual or societal choices and supports making reasoned ethical choices in complex situations.

Data science majors are required to take at least one course that addresses the human contexts and ethics of data. A list of approved courses and those available for the coming semester is available here.