The Data Science Divisional Faculty Advisory Council was formed in January 2018 to bring perspectives from throughout campus, advise the Interim Dean, and provide a conduit for socializing important issues. It provides a faculty body to receive recommendations that arise in the bottom-up formational process, as well as traditional administration-driven proposals. The council meets roughly monthly and the tenure is intended to be the remainder of the Interim process.

Advisory Council Members

Bin Yu, Statistics

Cathryn Carson, History

Costas Spanos, EECS/EE, CITRIS

Dan Fletcher, Bioengineering

David Wagner, EECS/CS

John Chuang, Information

Josh Bloom, Astronomy

Josh Goldstein, Demography

Karen Chapple, City and Regional Planning

Kathy Yelick, EECS/CS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lisa García Bedolla, Graduate School of Education, Political Science

Louise Mozingo, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning,  American Studies

Max Auffhammer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, International and Area Studies

Michael Jordan, EECS/Statistics

Pamela Samuelson, Law

Ron Cohen, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science

Susan Marqusee,  Molecular and Cell Biology