Data Collaboratives

Caifornia Water Data Hackathon

The Data Collaboratives Program creates opportunities for student-driven innovations emerging in UC Berkeley’s thriving data science community to grow into broader collaborations for positive social impact.

The program cultivates ideas generated by undergraduates across campus in classes such as Modules, Discovery Projects, hackathons, and virtually any other space where students are finding innovative ways to create and apply insights using data for social good.

Promising projects evolve into Data Collaboratives that build community and ignite innovation. Collaboratives bring together resources, untapped or underused datasets, tools, and students’ energy and ideas. With the support of graduate student mentors and faculty, undergraduates get the chance to work with decision-makers in industry, government, and community organizations to use data science to address their most pressing challenges.

One of the first Collaboratives grew out of the California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge, a call to use State data to find ways to address water quality issues that affect more than 1 million Californians a year. At a hackathon at Berkeley, students generated ideas for using everything from data on water prices to social media posts about water quality to tackle the problem. They also ventured into other water issues confronting Californians, like dam safety and flooding hazards


Big Ideas

BIDS - Berkeley Institute for Data Sciences

West Big Data Innovation Hub


Anthony Suen - Director of Programs

Eric Van Dusen - Curriculum Coordinator 

Keeley Takimoto -  Curriculum Development Lead

Aspen Hsu - Data Collaborative Student Lead

Current Data Collaboratives

Water Data Collaborative

water data

The Water Data Collaborative enables interested students to work with the California State Resources Control Board and other agencies to continue to drive innovative solutions to water-related issues across California.

Water Data Collaborative GitHub page is external)

Team Members

  • Violet Sinnarkar
  • Sathvik Nair
  • Sean Furuta 
  • Anusha Mohan 
  • Ziyun Zhao

Air Data Collaborative

The Air Data Collaborative enables interested students to work with government agencies and university labs to continue to drive innovative solutions to air quality related issues across California.

Air Data Collaborative Partners

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Ronald Cohen - Chemistry

Team Members

Jieun Hwang