Data 8 Logistics

Is there any difference between DATA C8, COMPSCI C8, INFO C8, and STAT C8? Which one should I enroll in?

  • No, they’re all the same class. Effective starting in Fall 2020, all seats are always offered in Data C8 so you should enroll in this one.

How many seats are available in Data 8?

  • The class is now a regular offering. We aim to offer it every semester, and we are trying to meet student demand. As of Fall 2021, enrollment capacity is usually around 1,3500.

If there are seats in the Data 8 lecture, but no lab sections open for enrollment, how do I enroll in a lab section?

  • In some semesters, lab section enrollment is decided at the start of the semester. In those semesters, there will be a 999 section. In that case, sign up for the 999 section.

Are seats reserved for particular categories of students?

  • A majority of seats are reserved for freshmen and sophomores during Phase I and II. As soon all undergraduates have had their Phase II appointments, no seats will continue to be held for particular categories of students, and the waitlist will be processed in order.

I'm interested in doing the EdX course, Data 8X, online. Does this count to satisfy Data 8?

  • No, unfortunately, Data 8X doesn't have all the content of Data 8, and does not transfer academic credit.

Can graduate students enroll?

  • Yes, they can enroll like juniors and seniors.

Which majors’ statistics/quantitative or computing requirements does Data 8 satisfy?

Does Data 8 satisfy the L&S Quantitative Reasoning requirement?

  • Yes.

Can I receive credit for both Data 8 and CS 61A?

  • Yes.

Can I receive credit for both Data 8 and Stat 2/20/21?

  • Yes, but this path is not recommended.

How does Data 8 set me up for courses in other areas of study that draw on introductory statistics as found in Stat 2 or Stat 20/21?

  • For students planning to pursue other areas of study, the Statistics Department recommends Data 8 for all areas where students have historically taken Stat 2, and Data 8 plus the Stat 88 connector for areas where students have historically taken Stat 20/21.