Data 8 FAQs

Is Data 8 a computer science class, a statistics class, or something else?

  • Both, and more. Data 8 lets students get a fundamental understanding of key computational and statistical concepts and practices by working hands-on with real data. It weaves together these disciplines and their implications in a powerful and interesting way. More of the topics come from statistics than from computer science. Some of these topics are quite different from what appears in a typical introductory course from either discipline.

Who takes Data 8? Who does well in it?

  • Students from a wide range of majors in every College. It’s not just for “technical” or “non-technical” people.

Does Data 8 have prerequisites?

  • No. The course is designed for students who are new to statistics and programming, although students with experience in one or the other definitely still say they learn a lot.

Does Data 8 depend on any previous background in statistics?

  • No. Data 8 teaches statistics differently from most high school or college courses.

Does Data 8 depend on any previous experience with computer programming?

  • No. About half the students in Data 8 typically say they have no or very limited programming skills.

What programming language is Data 8 taught in?

  • Python.

If I want more background in programming, can I take another course as well?

  • Yes, you can also take CS 10, CS 61A, or programming courses elsewhere or online. We’re sometimes able to offer a summer course CS/STAT C8R that may help students who want additional time and practice before Data 8.

Who designed Data 8? Who teaches it?

  • Data 8 was designed by a multidisciplinary team of Berkeley faculty. It is taught by different faculty in different semesters.

How can I learn more about Data 8?