What is a connector?

  • A connector course lets you weave together core concepts and approaches from Data 8 with complementary ideas or areas. Along the way you gain additional experience, broader insights, or deeper theoretical or computational foundations. Connectors are taught by instructors from departments across campus. Data 8 and connectors complement each other and often use similar materials or tools.

How do I find a connector?

  • Most connectors are numbered 88 (but not all of them). Check the list of all courses this semester. Then enroll through Cal Central.

What areas are connectors offered in?

Can I take more than one connector?

  • Yes. Each connector delves into a rich, distinct area of study.

Am I required to take a connector?

  • No, it’s not required to take a connector, but it’s highly encouraged.

Can I take a connector course at the same time as Data 8? After Data 8?

  • Yes, and yes.

How about before Data 8? What does it mean that Data 8 is a “co- or pre-requisite” for a connector?

  • Data 8 should taken at the same time as or before a connector. Taking the connector first is not recommended.

Do connectors have other prerequisites besides Data 8?

  • Mostly not, but a few do. Please check the course description.

What’s the difference between a connector with 2 units and one with 3 or 4 units?

  • The workload is proportional to the number of units. Connectors with 3 or 4 units may also satisfy other kinds of requirements (major, breadth) on a case-by-case basis.

How many seats are available in connectors?

  • Overall we aim to offer 40-50% as many seats in connectors as in Data 8. The number of seats in each class is set by the department that offers it. Because of the demand, if you’re interested in taking a connector, we encourage you to consider several options from the list available each semester.

Do any connectors fulfill requirements?

  • STAT 88 fulfills some requirements in conjunction with Data 8.

  • STAT 89A in its 4-unit Spring 2018 format can be used as an alternate way to satisfy the linear algebra co-requisite for Data 100 in Spring 2018.
  • It’s under consideration that CS 88, STAT 88, and STAT 89A may be used to fulfill requirements in those programs and the proposed Data Science major and minor programs.
  • It’s possible that other majors will begin to require connectors in their own areas or incorporate them into prerequisite chains. Please check with advisors for each major.