Student Opportunities Application Hub

Summer 2020 and some Fall 2020 Applications

The Data Science Education Program's student teams are recruiting for Summer 2020 and for some Fall 2020 teams!

  • April 10th, 2020 Announcement: As of today, we are recruiting for the roles listed in this Application Hub. 
    • Like many other organizations on and off campus, our plans for summer programs and budgets have been affected by the novel Coronavirus, and plans are still changing to adapt to new guidelines as they come out. Therefore, some of these positions or position details may be subject to change. 
    • If there are changes to listed positions, we will post any updates here on this page and email affected applicants as soon as we can. 

Please scroll down to learn more about the positions we are recruiting for. Please carefully read the job descriptions of the positions that you're interested in before you apply.

You may apply to multiple teams, but if you are offered a position on multiple teams you may only select one. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply early!

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 27, 2020

Do these positions take place over the Summer or Fall?

We are currently recruiting for Summer 2020 for most positions, except for Data Peer Consulants and Peer Advisors, which are recruiting for Fall 2020. There is possible continuation for all summer positions into the fall depending on performance, need, and budget.

Will these positions be remote or in-person?

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, most positions will likely be remote in some capacity. Please contact us at for more specific inquiries.

Are any research positions available for summer?

The Data Science Education Program has a program focused on research called the Discovery Research Program, but it is not currently accepting new applications this summer so we recommend that you check again at the end of summer for the Fall application. Also, you can stay tuned on our student opportunities webpage as we will continue to post available positions, including research, at a later time.

Where can I find more information about a team or specific position?

You can find information about all of our teams on our Student Opportunities page. For more information about specific positions, job descriptions, responsibilities, and qualifications for each position are posted below.

Curriculum Support Teams

Connector Course Assistants, Human Contexts and Ethics, Data Science Modules, Online Learning Support

About the Team

The Curriculum Support teams work with faculty to create open-source materials for lectures, labs, and homeworks. The work that the Curriculum Support teams do is incorporated into course materials throughout campus. From data ethics to incorporating data science into other departments, the Curriculum Support team is key in creating and promoting our Data Science Education Program on campus. Hone your skills as a data scientist and build a portfolio while making an educational impact across campus!

Application Information

The application will be open from April 10th until April 29th.

A resume is requested in the application.

To apply to the HCE Graduate Student Researcher role, please click on the job description. Do not apply via the Curriculum Support Application. 

Campus Support Teams

Data Peer Consultants, Global Adoption Team, Infrastructure Team, Peer Advising Team

About the Team

The Campus Support Student Team provides services to the broader campus community by consulting on research projects, building infrastructure, and supporting other campuses in adopting data science programs and curricula. The Campus Support teams work directly with both students and campus, providing support for data science and being amabassadors for the Data Science Education Program. Students will learn the ins-and-outs of a rapidly growing academic organization and make their mark on the largest Data Science education program in the nation by contributing to the operational functions of the organization.

Positions Available

Fall 2020 Opportunities

Application Information

The Peer Advising team and Data Peer Consulting team are currently recruiting for Fall 2020; these teams are not recruiting for Summer 2020.

Please note that Peer Advisors apply through a separate application. 

The application will be open from April 10th until April 29th

A resume is requested in the application.

Program Support Teams

Discovery Operations, HR and Management, Communications Team, Strategic Operations

About the Team

The Program Support team supports the crucial functions of the Data Science Education Program by developing our branding and marketing platform, managing the initiatives that draw all of our student programs together, and creating and maintaining a sense of data science community. Gain valuable leadership skills while working on large-scale projects, with impacts across campus and the wider data science community. Learn the ins-and-outs of a rapidly growing academic organization and make your mark on the largest Data Science program in the nation!

Application Information

The application will be open from April 10th until April 29th.

A resume is requested in the application.