Towards Social Justice in the Data Science Classroom: 
How to teach with human contexts and why it matters

Workshop, Tuesday, June 15, 8-10am PST

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Thinking about teaching ethics of data but don't know where to start?

Want to make your class more welcoming, accessible, and meaningful to students of diverse backgrounds and identities?

Interested in building into your data science course opportunities for students to learn about the real-world contexts and consequences of data and computing?


The Human Contexts and Ethics (HCE) Program is hosting a 2-hour workshop as part of the 2021 National Workshop on Data Science Education called "Towards Social Justice in the Data Science Classroom: How to teach with human contexts and why it matters." 

The workshop will provide an orientation to what are the social justice implicaitions of data science learning and practice, how bringing issues of social justice to the forefront of data science can support diverse student learning, and share examples and techniques that instructors with no prior experience in teaching about social and human contexts of data science can use to start incorporating these into their classrooms.

The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Teaching towards social justice with the Human Contexts and Ethics Toolkit

  • Inclusive pedagogy

  • Teaching about race in the data science classroom

  • Reviewing a syllabus for opportunities to engage social justice and ethics lessons

  • Using the data science lifecycle as a pedagogical tool for incorporating human contexts and ethics lessons alongside technical learning

  • Reviewing classroom dynamics for inclusive pedagogy

  • Designing effective discussion sections as a space for HCE learning

  • Pedagogical resources for teaching HCE (sample syllabi, Jupyter modules, learning outcomes, pedagogical tools)


The workshop has been prepared and will be led by Margo Boenig-Liptsin (Director of the Human Contexts and Ethics Program and Instructor of "Data 104: "Human Contexts and Ethics of Data" and Data 4AC: "Data and Justice"), Hani Gomez (Postdoctoral Researcher, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), and Maria Smith (PhD Student, Sociology). 


The workshop is open to attendees of the National Pedagogy Workshop. Attendance will be limited to 50 people to facilitate more interaction among participants and instructors. To register, please fill out this Registration Form(link is external)

Please email sends e-mail) with any questions.

This work is supported by the Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge(link is external) Grant.


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