The Human Contexts and Ethics team brings together undergraduates, graduate students, and Data Science Education Program staff to create and integrate HCE curriculum across UC Berkeley courses and into the Discovery and Modules programs.


Ari Edmundson, PhD


Ari Edmundson (he/him/his) received his PhD in History from UC Berkeley in May, 2019. Ari's research has focused on the intellectual history of European philosophy, social, political and legal theory, cybernetics, systems theory, and critical theory. His current work investigates how to best conceptualize systemic power in the context of the transformations associated with contemporary "datafied world." Since January 2018, Ari has helped teach and develop pedagogy for the Human Contexts and Ethics of Data course at Berkeley. He is currently a Human Contexts and Ethics Coordinator in the Division of Data Sciences and a Lecturer in the Department of History at UC Berkeley.

Team Leads

Anna Gueorguieva(link is external)

Team Lead

Anna is a sophomore majoring in Data Science and Legal Studies. She is passionate about understanding the way which society, technology and law interact. She believes that data science has the ability to help others and create positive changes in our world, however data also requires constant ethical, contextual and legal analysis. Outside of academics, she enjoys reading, art, traveling and exploring obscure places.

Sammy Raucher(link is external)

Curriculum Team Lead

Sammy (she/her/hers) is a sophomore from Los Angeles majoring in Political Science with a specialization in Public Policy & Organization and minoring in Data Science. She is passionate about racial justice, gender equity, and LGBTQ+ rights, and is particularly interested in the intersections between these social issues and technology. In her free time, Sammy enjoys music and food. She loves being a part of the HCE team!


Carlos Ortiz(link is external)

Curriculum Developer

Carlos Ortiz (he/him/his) is an undergraduate studying Data Science with an emphasis in Sustainable Development and Engineering. He is a first-generation powerhouse, as he likes to break boundaries. He is particularly passionate about using apps, data, and infrastructure to uplift and connect communities across the world. On-campus, he's a data science curriculum developer for the Human Context and Ethics program and a uGSI for DATA 8. Off-campus, he serves his home community as co-founder and president of the Baldwin Park Scholar Network, an organization which aims to eliminate boundaries of access to higher education.

Louie Ortiz

Curriculum Developer

Anu Thirunarayanan

Curriculum Developer

Communications & Community

Anika Cruz(link is external)

Graphic Designer

Anika (she/her/hers) is a junior studying Data Science with an emphasis in Cognition. She is passionate about design and creating content that furthers the conversation surrounding the ethics and social implications of data. Outside of academics, Anika enjoys painting, cooking, traveling, and hiking.

Aryana Far(link is external)

Aryana Far (she/her/hers) is a sophomore studying Data Science, with an emphasis in Cognition. She is particularly interested in exploring issues of mental health and human agency in the context of our "datafied world." She hopes to combine her technical education in computing with her curiosity about the human mind in a way that ultimately fosters collective growth and healing. Beyond academics, Aryana enjoys painting portraits of strangers and singing songs from the 70s.

Selina Liu

Selina (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. Her interests lie primarily in the ethical impacts of data and computation, specifically the interaction between the free market and the consumption of data. She is excited to expand her knowledge in both the technical and social aspects of data as well as engaging with her peers in hopefully productive discussions of these aspects. Outside of academics, she can be found watching films, taking photographs, exploring new music, or doing crosswords.

Ellen Lasko

Past Staff and Students

Margarita Boenig-Liptsin, PhD


Meghna Mukherjee(link is external)

Graduate Student Researcher

Eva Newsom(link is external)

Curriculum Developer 

Sydney Trieu(link is external)

Curriculum Developer, Communications 

Alyssa Sugarman

Team Lead