CSU Data Science Undergraduate Programs

Cal Poly

  • Programs: Cross-Disciplinary Studies Minor in Data Science
  • Department: Statistics and Computer Science 
  • Est. 2014
  • 30 minors
  • Plan on creating GE Data Science, a traditional minor, BS & MS in Data Science 

Cal State East Bay

  • Programs: MS, BS in Statistics with Data Science Concentration
  • Department: Statistics and Biostatistics 
  • Est. 2018
  • 20 students in BS, 45 students in MS
  • Plan on offering a calculus-free pathway 

CSU Monterey 

  • Programs: CS Concentration in Data Science, DS minor
  • Department: School of Computing and Design, Mathematics
  • Est. 2015 (Conc.), 2021 (Minor) 
  • 20 students in DS Conc. 
  • Plan for a Data Science concentration. in Stats BS

Fresno State

  • Programs: GE Foundations of Data Science 
  • Department: CS, Mathematics, Engineering
  • Est. 2018 
  • Plans for minor in Data Science