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Data Science Resources at Berkeley

One of the remarkable features of data science at Berkeley is the wealth of resources available campuswide to support learning, research, and discovery.

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Berkeley Data Stack

The Berkeley Data Stack is a collection of open source tools that help enable large-scale data science research and education efforts across UC Berkeley, including Jupyter Interactive computing notebooks, textbooks, and autograding tools.

peer advising

Data Peer Consulting

Students help peers on everything from using Jupyter notebooks to learning SQL on an appointment and drop-in basis.

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Data Science Education Workshops

Resources from our pedagogy workshops, including the academic resource kit, are available to support instructors in learning and incorporating data science approaches and teaching tools.

two students looking over the shoulder of a third student at a computer screen with graphs displayed on it

Data Scholars

Data Scholars addresses issues of underrepresentation in the data science community by establishing a community that is welcoming, educational, and empowering for underrepresented and nontraditional students.

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Student Opportunities

Students are the heart of our program, helping to create new data science content and courses, support outreach and communications, and advance research.

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Berkeley's core data science classes use interactive online textbooks that are available to all.