Student Team

The Division of Data Sciences seeks to make the ability to understand and formulate reasoning based on data accessible to all Berkeley students. Even before the first pilot offerings, a team of students were working to understand how the program could be designed to best provide what students view as essential to their college experience.

 As the program continues growing, the Division of Data Science Student Teams has come together to continue to develop this understanding from the student perspective. Student team members interview; they discuss; they collect data; and they are a part of the process of creating a data science learning community.

Eight student teams focus on the following areas:

  • Modules
  • Connector Assistants
  • Data Enabled Courses
  • Technology Engagment and Support
  • Communication, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Data Science Student Community Nexus
  • Mapping and Analytics
  • Data Science Discovery and Research

Get involved

Students interested in joining the Student Experience Team should apply via the Data Science Discovery Projects page. Those seeking academic units should also apply via Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program under a project with the Division of Data Sciences.

Data Connect: By Students, For Students

Data Connect website screen shot

Visit Data Connect, the website developed by the Data Science Education Program's student team. Learn more about the Data Science curriculum, student learning and research opportunities, and more.

Members of the Fall 2016 Student Teams