Student Opportunities

The Division of Data Sciences is proud to be shaping the landscape of undergraduate data science education. A gaggle of student teams are instrumental in driving the efforts of the Division forward. These students work directly with faculty to create new data science content for courses across campus. They analyze student surveys and course enrollment data and derive conclusions that help shape the future of these programs. They write blog posts, create social media followings, produce videos, and serve as ambassadors of our program everywhere they go. The students are the heart of our program.

We are now recruiting for openings on our student teams!

How To Apply

Please submit your application on the Google form linked below. Applications will be considered in two rounds of hiring:

Phase I

Phase I hiring occurs before school starts and will have the greatest variety of positions available. Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Friday, August 10 to be considered for Phase I

Phase II 

Phase II is rolling admission: applications will be considered in the order that they are submitted from the end of Phase I until 11:59 PM on Friday, 9/7. Apply early to be considered for the widest variety of positions


The Data Science Student Teams support the crucial functions of the Division of Data Sciences, including developing the branding and marketing platform of the organization, analyzing student experience data to make informed decisions that will shape courses and programs across campus, and managing the initiatives that draw all of our student programs together. Learn the ins-and-outs of a rapidly growing academic organization and make your mark on the largest Data Science education program in the nation.

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The Discovery Research program provides opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research within the Berkeley Data Science ecosystem with one of our many partner organizations - research institutions, academic departments, non-profits, start-ups, and more. Leverage your skills in data analysis and interdisciplinary domain knowledge to contribute to cutting-edge research alongside experts in those fields.

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Curriculum teams

The Curriculum program (including Connector Assistants & Curriculum Developers) creates and deploys applied data science educational materials for courses throughout Berkeley, from humanities to STEM fields. We work closely with faculty to create open-source materials for lectures, labs, and homework or teach students face-to-face in classrooms and office hours. Hone your skills as a data scientist and build a portfolio while making an educational impact across campus.

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peer advising

The Data Science Peer Advising program will provide in-person academic advising opportunities to students interested in pursuing the L&S Data Science major. Peer Advisors will interact with students of all ages and interests, develop info sessions and tutorials to inform intended Data Science students about what’s required before declaration, and have the opportunity to help improve the undergraduate experience for their peers. 

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