October 25, 2016

Monsoon flooding imageIn spring 2017, UC Berkeley data science students will have an opportunity to take a new project-based, interdisciplinary course focused on the role that hydrology plays in malaria transmission.  Using data from sub-Saharan Africa, students will collaborate with each other and partners at a nonprofit organization to improve the hydrologic component of a model being used in efforts to eradicate malaria.

The course, Terrestrial Hydrology (Geog c136/ESPM c130), is an upper-division class that takes a data-based approach to understanding all aspects of the hydrologic cycle, with a particular focus on solving applied problems. Students will tackle challenges of storm/flood frequency estimation, quantify drought, and understand the mechanisms behind contaminant transport in surface water and groundwater. The class entirely projects based and interdisciplinary.

Prerequisites are Math 1A-1B and Physics 7A.