Student Video: Data Science at UC Berkeley

Data Science Education Program Student Video

Enabling discovery, innovation and learning

Data-intensive research and innovation are powering conceptual and technological breakthroughs, enabling new modes of academic discovery, and offering new paths to addressing the world’s most urgent societal challenges. Berkeley’s deep strength in data science derives from its world-leading researchers, programs, and institutes across a diverse array of domains.

A key component of Berkeley’s rich data science ecosystem is the Data Science Education Program, which offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a foundation for Berkeley undergraduates of all majors to engage capably and critically with data. We invite you to explore our dynamic, diverse community through this website and our social media channels.

Foundations of Data Science

An introductory data science course for students of all majors

Photo attributed to Dorothea Lange; Public Domain photo Via US Library of Congress

How does history count?

A course exploring Japanese-American internment through digital sources

Time Series Analysis

A course focused on sea level rise and coastal flooding

Data Science and the Mind

A course about how the human mind works

Immunotherapy of Cancer

A course using data science to explore cell physiology and cancer, and how immunotherapies work