What is a Data Science Discovery Experience? 

Data Science Discovery Experiences provide undergraduates more opportunities to engage in hands-on, team-based discovery opportunities leveraging data science by connecting them with cutting-edge graduate student/postdoc research projects, community impact groups, entrepreneurship ventures, and educational initiatives across UC Berkeley. Data science is an intrinsically interdisciplinary field with broad reach, fast scaling capacity, and a large pool of interested students and projects. Data Science Discovery Experiences encompasses many areas including these below

Research projects with faculty, postdocs, and graduate students encompassing all domain areas along with Social Impact efforts with the community non-proift groups. Project partners include:

Click to view all current projects on datasci.berkeley.edu and apply on URAP.  

Data Science Curriculum Development

Modules integrate data science methods and Jupyter notebooks into existing courses across Berkeley, giving students the opportunity to work hands-on with data relevant to their course and receive instruction on the principles of data analysis, statistics and computing. This is an opportunity to work with faculty and graduate students to expand research opportunities, promote technological literacy, and further integrate data science into the Berkeley communities.

Modules Application Page

For more advanced students with teaching experience, please apply to be a Connector Assistant. Connector Assistants support the development of Berkeley's diverse range of Data Science Connector Course and get experience working with Berkeley faculty by helping to create labs and conduct sub lectures.

Connector Assistant Applications Page

Additional Opportunities

Other ways you can get involved in Data Sciecne

Data science is an exciting and emerging field that draws together computing, statistical reasoning, data management, and data analysis in a wide range of areas. The Mapping team in UC Berkeley’s new Data Science Education Program (DSEP) seeks to get involved with data science on campus by creating resources and developing tools for current and future data science students.

Check out previous semesters’ work by the Mapping team at http://dataconnect.berkeley.edu/Mapping/.

We will be hiring for two types of positions: technical developers and qualitative researchers. If you feel that you match either role, feel free to apply!

Mapping Application Page

How to apply to work on a project 

Please apply via the relevant application survey. If you are seeking research credit units, please apply on the urap.berkeley.edu portal and search for projects under the Division of Data Science/BIDS, led by Anthony Suen.  

How does it work?

The Data Science Discovery Experiences model can identify, connect, and scale access for significantly more students in the data science space. It does so by creating a sustainable and diverse pipeline of projects by improving the matching and database system, fine-tuning the training and consulting services needed by graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate research leads, and expanding internal and public communication. The projects will be decided with input from our institutional partners.

Institutional Partners 

How to submit a project 

Please submit your project ideas to Program Coordinator, Anthony Suen at anthonysuen@berkeley.edu