Data Scholars is intended to address the issues of underrepresentation in the data science community by establishing a community that is welcoming, educational, and empowering for underrepresented and nontraditional students. Launched in Fall 2016, it is especially suited for students who may not have had computer science or math education in secondary school, and who can bring diverse and positive contributions to the field of Data Science. The program offers specialized tutoring, advising, and workshops.

Program Offerings

Data Scholars now offers its services in the form of 1-unit courses that students can choose, depending on their needs and proficiencies in data science. These sections meet once a week and are designed to cater to individual members’ needs.

There will be two sections offered to start the Fall 2017 semester:

(1) Data 8 Section

For those planning to enroll or are currently in Data 8: this specialized section features customized practice problems and compelling new data sets. Occasional guest speakers will also provide advice for succeeding in using data science in academia and beyond. The Data 8 section will meet once a week for 1 hour.  Students will have access to exclusive office hours for advising and help.

(2) Data Science Pathways Section

For those that have already completed Data 8: the goal of this section is to support long-term research projects and career discovery. It will featuring guest speakers from industry and exclusive workshops on cutting-edge data science tools. This section will meet once a week for 90 minutes.  

Priority consideration will be given to students from nontraditional backgrounds within the data science community, including non-STEM majors, minorities, women, and first-generation college students.


Applications for our second Fall 2017 Cohort will be available starting in July. Please contact Mariah Rogers ( for more information.



Cathryn Carson, Professor of History

Claudia von Vacano, Director of D-Lab and Digital Humanities

Christopher Hunn, Director of Undergraduate Instruction, EECS

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  • Support: Skill-building workshops, tutoring and homework help
  • Community: Social events, talks, and more
  • Mentorship: Mentoring with graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and alumni 

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For any questions or concerns, contact:

Mariah Rogers - Program Coordinator